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April 3, 2019

By: Eco-Team

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

     Most people understand the value of improving the curb appeal of their property. The landscaping ideas in this article are unique, because they are the most environmentally friendly. It all starts with choosing the right plants.
Plants native to the area you live in will be hardier. They are less likely to need additional watering, because they are accustomed to the area’s average amount of rainfall.
      We all know that our lawns look greener and our plants look more vibrant after a rain. It is understandable that a homeowner would want to have that beautiful green look all of the time.
      But with the freshwater shortages that many areas are experiencing and those that are expected to occur in the future, it is important to think about conserving. One of the most wasteful uses of freshwater is watering the lawn.
Sprinkler systems are available that reduce the amount of water needed to get that green look you desire. If your system waters your driveway as well as your lawn, you are wasting water for no reason. In some areas, you are wasting money too.
      The most environmentally friendly landscaping ideas focus on reducing the amount of grass that you have in your yard. That’s not just because of the water usage. It is also because of the need to cut.
Unless you have an old-fashioned non-motorized push lawnmower, you are emitting CO2 into the atmosphere every time that you mow your lawn. An electric mower is cleaner and emits no CO2. Since you will likely have some grass and weeds to trim, you might want to consider investing in electric trimmers and mowers.
      So, how do we cut back on grass, while still protecting the soil from erosion? There are many types of ground cover and decorative grasses that require less water and less maintenance.
      Planting more of them is one of the eco-friendly landscaping ideas. Drought-resistant sedum and succulents like aloe or cacti are good examples. You can find out what plants are native to your area by doing an internet search or contacting your local native plant society.
      Rocks can be used to surround trees and create borders. The stones will prevent weeds from growing and protect against erosion.
      Planting more trees is one of the more environmentally friendly options. Trees can provide shade and keep your house cooler during the summertime. They can also serve as a windbreak to keep you warmer in the wintertime.
Hopefully, these landscaping ideas will give you something to think about and get you started in the right direction. Remember, grass is not the “greenest” option.


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